About hGraph

What is hGraph?

hGraph (Health Graph) is a standardized visual representation of a patient's health status, designed to increase awareness of the individual's factors that can affect one's overall health. hGraph displays a complete overview of an individual's health. This single picture method provides a person with a significant understanding of his or her total well being because it compiles multiple metrics into a unified graph that can be viewed at a glance.

hGraph users can easily identify which metrics exist in a normal range versus those that may be too high or low. It effectively conveys important data at sizes both large and small, and enables users to recognize condition patterns. With hGraph, patients can track their own health and healthcare providers can learn to recognize representative visualizations for common diseases.

How does hGraph work?

hGraph is an open source system for visualizing personal health metrics. It is currently the only tool that offers a systemic view of health. hGraph allows patients to own a holistic assessment of their health metrics, and gives clinicians an at-a-glance view of patient history, behavior and health status.

hGraph compares a person's health data against targeted health ranges based on factors like age and gender. Metrics that appear red are either lower or higher than the "good health" range. The hScore is an overall, aggregated score of health (1-100) that represents a person's "health status", or grade. In this deceptively simple fashion hGraph enables the compilation and display of a considerable amount of information within a limited space.


  • GoInvo, a digital healthcare design studio that researches, designs, and ships clinical experiences for patients, clinicians, systems, and governments.
  • MITRE is dedicated to solving problems for a safer world. MITRE works in the public interest to discover new possibilities, create unexpected opportunities, and lead by pioneering together for the public good to bring innovative ideas into existence.


  • Crossover Health, a next-generation health care company that deploys corporate clinics to increase employee health outcomes and reduce employer costs. hGraph will be used by all Facebook and Apple employees by 2013.
  • Citizen Health, A Community of Patients & Physicians Redesigning Healthcare Together.
  • Walgreens
  • MyOmBody/Avo Labs: Personal health coaching and monitoring.

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