Your health in one picture.

hGraph is an open source javascript library for visualizing health data.

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hGraph health visualization

Patient Demo

Give patients a beautiful view of their health.

hGraph Patient Demo

Clinician View

Use hGraph for monitoring your patient population.

hGraph Clinician View

A measuring stick for health.

Too High
If the value of a metric is above its healthy range then the metric will be outside the green circle.

Too Low

If the value of a metric is below its healthy range then the metric will be inside the green circle.


If the value of a metric is within the healthy range then the metric will be on the green circle.

Why use hGraph?

See your health status in seconds.
Glanceable interface for major health metrics.
Behavior change and metric tracking.
Compliance tool.
hScore for grading a patient's health (notional).

hGraph for the iPad

Who uses hGraph?

Any human viewing their health.
Caretakers, parents, and guardians.
Clinicians of all kinds and specialties.
Hospitals, insurers, and population health experts.
Academics and public health experts.

Let's build hGraph together!

We can help you design and ship your own version of hGraph.
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Is hGraph free to use?
Yes, hGraph is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Where can I find the source code?

How do I install hGraph?
Instruction for setting up hGraph are on Github.

What if I want to customize hGraph?
You're welcome to customize hGraph to suit your needs. You can customize on your own or hire us to help.

Does hGraph support FHIR?
Yes, hGraph supports FHIR STU3 with the hgraph-on-fhir repository.

Who should I contact to get help with hGraph?
You can reach the team at or sign up for any of our Open Office Hours.